Now Mod Pack

So I just finished with the "Now this is what i call minecraft" mod pack, and it is AMAZING! Although it lagged my computer to crap :P Anyways, I completely forgot about this blog for like 3 months, and now im bringing it back. With the minecraft forums being down, I chose the worst time to start out fresh with a new vanilla game. It was kinda refreshing, actually, because i was using the mod pack for a long time. Oh, and i got terraria, and it is amazing. End of story.


  1. It has mods like millenaire, too many items, battle towers, peach dudes, fairy mod, pink slimes, airships, minegunner, and i think some more. Keep in mind that if you are making a mod pack that you need the mod makers permission to use the mod. Also, i think some of those mods are no longer being updated and will not work.

  2. It also had mods like battle towers and mystic ores.